Aayi’s Recipes

This site is one of the most exhaustive recipe sites on the internet. There are over 600 recipes, and many of them are related to Konkani Food.
Also included are various other recipes from all over the world, from pizzas, pastas to french bread.

The best part of the site is that it has a ‘Specialist Tips’ section, called the ‘Aayi’s cooking tips’. This has various tips on how to get a Chapati Soft to being able to cook potatoes faster. These I guess are Aayis best kept secrets, and one should be thankful that she’s sharing them it with the world. These tips are a must read for anyone remotely interested in cooking, and trust us your cooking will never be the same again.

The contributors to the site are Shilpa and her mother Varada. Can bet you wont find more recipes and cooking tips in one place.

Positives: Exhaustive list of recipes. Specialist tips. Neatly organised.
Negatives: Not exactly south canara konkani style of cooking.
Our Rating: (8/10)
Site: www.aayisrecipes.com


One Response

  1. Thanks a lot for the review of my site. I greatly appreciate that.

    You are right. My style is mainly North Kanara Konkani food, as that is what I have eaten all my life. Though I am trying my best to learn other Konkani food also. Aayi’s mom’s side of family is from South Kanara. So I am hoping to post some SK specific recipes in future :).

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