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Thanks for all the suggestions to add your Konkani Recipe sites to be reviewed.

We will shortly be adding a few new site reviews, once we have given each entry a thorough look.

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Red Chillies

A very well presented site. This site has an exhaustive collection of recipes, ranging from ‘Konkani’, ‘Karnataka’ to the ‘Western’ foods. The recipes meander effortlessly through the traditional and the modern. The balance though is well maintained.

The site is highly organised in the way it categorises the various recipes. So if you want to get to the ‘breakfast’ section, there you go, the author has neatly identified a list of all the things that could be on your breakfast menu. The site does throw a lot of recipe links at you on every single page, so you would end up spending hours on the site, going to the next recipe, instead of cornering on the single thing you would want to cook (which is a good thing really).

The best and most helpful part of the site is the ‘Low Fat/Calorie’ options. For the health conscious, this section is a treasure. From a ‘Low fat pakora’ to a smoothie, lot of recipes that might tickle your fancy.

Try out the “Moong Curry and Cucumber Idli (Mooga Ghashi & Tausha Idli )” on the site. Really yum.

The site is the brain child of Supriya.

Positives: Brilliant categorisation and presentation. Comprehensive list of recipes.
Negatives: Not exactly south canara konkani style of cooking.
Our Rating: (7/10)

Konkani Cuisine – Aambe Sassama

A nice write up on Aambe Sassama. Details its importance to the Amchigele people. Well food as such is an important part of any Amchigle’s life.

The author Eskay does have a few other articles on the same site and also has her own food blog.
Her food blog “A Bon Vivant’s Chow Chronicles” had been featured on this site in July 08.

This article can be found here:

Ambe Saasam – A True Konkani Salad

A Bon Vivant’s Chow Chronicles

This recipe site, is one of my favourites. Not exactly because it has too many recipes, but because of the pictures of the food next to the recipe. Each and every picture virtually gets you drooling over the food on display, and thereby encourages us to try it at home. Ofcourse, when one cooks them, they do not necessarily turn out as beautifully presented. I must admit that the author of the site ‘Eskay’ has amazing presentation skills. Left to herself, she could even make the quintessential ‘daali thoi’ look glamorous.

There are not many recipes on the site as of now. But guess its only a question of time before there are more. The best bit is that each and every recipe is explained in detail. A more of quality over quantity site, where each and every dish has been treated more as an art than as just plain home cooked food.

This site is maintained by Eskay.

Positives: Detailed recipes. Brilliant Photography.
Negatives: Not many recipes.
Our Rating: (8/10)

Aayi’s Recipes

This site is one of the most exhaustive recipe sites on the internet. There are over 600 recipes, and many of them are related to Konkani Food.
Also included are various other recipes from all over the world, from pizzas, pastas to french bread.

The best part of the site is that it has a ‘Specialist Tips’ section, called the ‘Aayi’s cooking tips’. This has various tips on how to get a Chapati Soft to being able to cook potatoes faster. These I guess are Aayis best kept secrets, and one should be thankful that she’s sharing them it with the world. These tips are a must read for anyone remotely interested in cooking, and trust us your cooking will never be the same again.

The contributors to the site are Shilpa and her mother Varada. Can bet you wont find more recipes and cooking tips in one place.

Positives: Exhaustive list of recipes. Specialist tips. Neatly organised.
Negatives: Not exactly south canara konkani style of cooking.
Our Rating: (8/10)

An Introduction to Konkani Cuisine

A real neat introduction to the Konkani Cuisine can be found here.

Introduces us to the ‘world’ of Konkani cuisine and Konkani food.

This nice article can be found here:
An Introduction to Konkani Cuisine

Konkani Recipes – Reviews & Comment

Ever got lost on the web searching for authentic konkani recipes. This site is an one stop site to know where you need to go.

Here we throughly review and rate the top Konkani (& Amchigele) recipe sites and let you know what each one of them specialises in.

If you like Konkani & Amchigele food, this is the place you have always been looking for.

Hope we can help you enjoy the greatly refreshing Konkani Cuisine.